Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So much activity, so little accomplished.

Coraline is in breech position, so Christine was scheduled for a noon-time external version. But Aizay puked on the floor as we were preparing leave the house, so he couldn't go to daycare.

Fortunately, Abigail's mom, Hyo, was happy to take a sick kid into her care. We arranged to hand over Aizay a half-hour before the procedure in Christine's office to give Hyo Aizay's carseat, overnight bag. and stroller. This we did, and Aizay left with Hyo...and then they cancelled the procedure because there were no beds available because too many selfish women were giving birth just then. So I drove to Hyo's house, re-installed the carseat, and Aizay and I went home to nap. Abigail didn't look happy that Aizay had to go home when they'd just finished hugging each other in greeting.

We were joined by Christine after she got home from work (hence, the photo). And we'll do this all over again tomorrow. Hopefully without the puke.

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