Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Resting comfortably

Christine's all ready for the external cephalic version...

UPDATE: ...which was unsuccessful. The docs pushed and pulled, but to no avail. Coraline stayed right in her current favorite position, head up and butt down. This is a procedure that most would describe as very uncomfortable, and it sure looked that way (I was horrified, watching). But Christine kept giggling at the absurdity of having seven people in the room, three of which were getting covered in ultrasound goop as they pushed and yanked. The nurse remarked, "I've never had one laugh before."


stine said...

I will schedule a c-section for 10/4 or 10/5. I would prefer it if Coraline flipped and/or I go into labor before the "deadline". She could flip head down as part of early labor and even if she doesn't, c-sections have better outcomes if you have labored a little first.

My other plan of action is to get moxibustion (, lie inverted on an ironing board, and do headstands in a swimming pool.

Marj said...

Nothing wrong with C sections! I had two, ya know, and twas easy!!!

Can't imagine the other way!

I didnt go into labor, or even dilate with either baby, they both were fine. (except Toby dropped and it was a bit difficult to get him out!)