Sunday, October 14, 2007

She's got it backwards

The girl's nights and days are reversed. I hear this is common but Aizay didn't have this problem.


Marj said...

Yeah babies sure waste no time letting them know who's boss! Sounds like Cora is training her folks very thoroughly.

Toby would wake up every 2 hours for feedings when he was a baby. On the other hand, Sophie was such a great sleeper, day and night, I got worried and would wake her up for feedings at night until the Dr said "DON'T!!" She was very easy as a baby but as a 5 year old, but now keeps me on my toes!

And Toby is very easy going now and just the opposite of his sister.

Christine has ALL my sympathy, and I hope you all get some relief soon.

PS Cora looks so cozy in her straightjacket! Good idea! lol


Danielle said...

Christine & Dave-

Cora is absolutely adorable! Congrats!

Danielle :-)