Tuesday, October 09, 2007


This may be the most boring liveblogging of a birth you've ever read. Coraline apologizes, I'm sure. Only 2cm dilated, partly effaced. We're going to nap now. You do the same. If you're silly enough to check in at 2 a.m., maybe we'll have something to report, but you might as well check back with us tomorrow. G'night!


bill said...

good night... I hope you both can get some sleep -maura

SpencerBlog said...

Oh the checking has begun...the checking has begun ....hi ho the derry-oh the checking has begun.

It was exciting to see you in "labor" Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm

Breathe.... Ummmmmmmmmmmmm

Grayson J said...

I hope that you have a restful night. Get as much sleep as you can. Tomorrow will be a big day. Come on Coraline, get here quick!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting again. I Guess Coraline is going to steal my date (10/10) afterall ;)

Hopefully she lets you get a little sleep tonight.


Marj said...

Its after midnight here, and Im not foolish enough to stay up any longer. Be well!


4onthego said...

Hi Guys

Germany is awake, and we are keeping up with your progress.

Love Nikky, Scott,Jeremy and Jonah

Dave said...

Welcome, Germany! We here in America love your cars, beer and medical electronics (I'm sure something in this room is made by Siemens, which I vaguely believe is a German company, and I am vague about a good many things by this late hour).