Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's true, the photo has nothing to do with the post.

This picture is about 6 weeks old but still, this is one super cutie!

Today, I am 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Coraline and I are super healthy! It's surprising. My blood pressure is okay; I have no swelling, no aches. I can move around pretty well. I am capable of getting pretty comfortable: I have a great giant pillow for sleeping and many comfortable chairs in my life...My issues are I can't sleep well because 1. I pee too much, 2. I can't breathe through my nose and 3. Coraline keeps punching and kicking me. Also, I am irritable and forgetful. I realized when I drove away from the gas station this morning that I forgot to buy gas! And yesterday I forgot my debit card's PIN number.

If I don't have the baby by Thursday, I hope she comes Monday or after. I want to be at the hospital during the weekday shift when the highest seniority nurses are working...And don't ask me how long "they" will let me go. Who the hell is "they" anyway? This is my pet peeve. Coraline decides when she is coming and I have some say if I want to overrule her. "I" will let myself go 2 weeks if we both stay this healthy.
Maybe, to save y'all the effort of asking me, I'll post everyday from now until Coraline arrives...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christine and Dave,
I am so happy that you are still feeling well. I still have swollen feet. I thought that as soon as I had Grayson that my swollen feet would go away, but they didn't. The drs just said that was normal and that some swell more after having a baby than before. I think they are getting better now.

I have been thinking about you and actually called Marla today (because I didn't have your direct line) to ask if you were still there. She said you had this blog set up. Thus, I will check this rather than calling in.

I can't wait for Coraline to arrive!! Grayson is waiting too!