Saturday, October 20, 2007

My only labor and delivery regrets

1. I wish I had brought more chocolates or treats to the hospital.
2. I wish we had known about this website:

Regarding #2, you don't need to stay connected to the internet to use it. It would have been so helpful.

I am not sure about the epidural. I think it possibly was a good thing I didn't get it because I was asking for it too late. They do a combined spinal/epidural and the spinal would not have worn off in time to push. That could have kept her stuck sideways and/or made pushing much longer...

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Marj said...

You had what you needed the most- a loving supportive husband and tons of friends and family behind you.

I never had a contraction, really, even with 2 full term babies. SO I have no idea what thats all about!