Friday, October 12, 2007

No heat

Dave called. There is no heat at our house and it got to 60 degrees inside the house last night (I enjoy sleeping in that temp but that's not the point). I say even if Davey can't get the furnace fixed, it's a blessing. Our child has been subjected to this body-heat-regulating mass hysteria that has infected the mother-baby unit. If I am comfortable in my room in a hospital gown and underwear, I was told my baby should be comfortable in the same but with "one more layer". I assumed a hospital gown and underwear would be analogous to a diaper and onesie. And apparently "one more layer" equals heavy one-piece pajamas, 2 blankets and a knit hat. This is what she gets when one of the staff dresses her. And when I unwrap her, she feels like she came out of the microwave. Personally, I am going with the one blanket and one hat because I don't want my child to spontaneously combust before I get a chance to bring her home.

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Marj said...

Time to come to Florida for a visit!!