Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh so that's what 'baby sister' means

Coraline and daddy are having a quiet moment together.

Following Aizay's visit this morning, during which he got to see his mother interacting with the new baby, I took him to daycare for a few hours. As we neared the end of the ride, Aizay started to cry, saying that he wanted hugs from Mommy. By the time we'd arrived. he'd lost control, sobbing "Mommy, mommy, mommy" ad infinitum. Eventually, after much consoling, I left him there, still sobbing for his mother.

I think he suddenly grasped the finer implications of having a new sibling...and wasn't happy about it.


bill said...
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bill said...

I remember William having a similar reaction to Danny's arrival - totally distraught, sobbing "Mumma's new baby! Mumma's new baby!" repeatedly - apparently he thought he was being replaced with a new model.

This caused a subtle shift in terminology for us. We started referring Danny as "William's new baby."

And it didn't hurt when his aunt Kathy brought over some nice gifts for him that were "from Danny" - he liked that.

Coraline is a beauty. If you'd like to trade her for one of our boys, let us know. We'll consider all reasonable offers.



Anonymous said...

My Mom told my brother, Tom, she had him for me and he was always protective. It seemed to work.
Hope Aizay is feeling better. His Grandma feels his pain.