Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On the road to nowhere

We're awake, although I fully intent to go back to sleep the moment anyone anywhere says anything remotely resembling the word "sleep". Christine's frustrated because her contractions stopped while she was sleeping, though they resumed when she stood up. Horizontal birthing isn't for her, I guess. So she woke me ever so gently by throwing a pillow at me. I was dreaming that me and my friends were preparing for a party by fashioning hundreds of tiki torches.


bill said...

Awake in the east. It sound like you guys didn't get much sleep, and it sounds like Coraline is being stubborn.... again... not doing what her parents and doctors want her to. You think this will be a trait she has all her life?

Keep smiling. -Maura

Anonymous said...

7:00 am and I went directly to the computer for an update. Coraline must be very comfortable where she is. Last night I dreamed that she was born and weighed 12 lbs 4 0z.! Don't worry I am not clairvoyant.
We love you guys and the blog allows us all to share your experience. It is great!
Love, Coraline's Grandma

Marj said...


12 lbs 4 oz isn't really all that far off for an Etler baby... Mine were 10.5, and 8.14; Aunt Sue's were 9.5 and 11.3. And I never dilated with either, even at full term!

Already Sweet Coraline is giving her folks a run for the money. Might be a trait, but it's a good trait to have!

Going crazy checking the site for any news. Hurry up and birth thyself, Baby!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun party. can I come?


Dave said...

Hey, if you like sleep deprivation, you're welcome to join us.

Actually, Maura, all things considered we did manage to sleep a fair number of hours, just not all in a row. A little caffeine and I'll be good to go...but Christine doesn't get any :(

As far as her being stubborn, that's one prediction people have made which I forgot to mention...

gin said...

meDid the nurses mention which day they expected for the 2 a.m. delivery? Good luck!