Tuesday, October 30, 2007

pronunciation guide

say "core align"

say "A-zay", both syllables rhyme with "say" and the z is the z in "zebra", not "azure".
Aiden Xavier is "A-din Zay-vyer". (His Xavier is not pronounced "egg-zay-vyer"). Notice that his nickname is comprised of the first syllables of each name...


SpencerBlog said...

I was asked by one of my favorite linguist-type friends if I knew of any 3 year-olds who could participate in his dissertation research. Of course my first thought was my favorite 3 year old
Phonetic spelling "zeIvjoUr"

Given your current busy life, I know my friend (and yours)Hugo, would be able to accomodate most any scheduling arrangement you might need. Here is his email. Ling-yu Guo [ling-yu-guo@uiowa.edu].
How are you all?

Martha said...

I often wonder why phonetics is not spelled phonetically. Hmmmm...

Marj said...

Because some people have phonetics phobia.