Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Water broke

The midwife broke Christine's "bag of waters" (I really hate that term). So, if this doesn't work, then we're moving on to Pitosin.

Update: Christine is having stronger contractions, now. Ones that actually slow her down a bit. And she feels pressure in her back now during them. So that's nice.


Becca said...

I hate that term too. I think it's kind of weird that midwives/obs have to call it "bag of" when everyone else calls it "your water" which annoys me less somehow. Maybe they could just say "amniotic sac" or something.

Hang in there Christine! Good job being patient with this slow-motion approach!


Dave said...

Amniotic sac is not much better. I like 'water'. Sounds refreshing. I shouldn't have implied, however, that the midwife used that term...she didn't.

How's this for an unpleasant sentence that just popped into my head--

"The bag of waters, also known as the amniotic sac, is filled with moisture."