Sunday, November 04, 2007

Potty success!

Aizay is rockin' the model vibe during his professional photo shoot. We were amazed at how handsome he looked...I mean, we knew he was cute, but not this cute. Coraline just looked annoyed. Christine was compelled to spend lots of money on prints. Framed prints, even.

In other news, Aizay had amazing success with the potty this weekend. Twice he peed in the potty, although at this point it requires that he wear no pants around the house. But this is progress people, so let's see some love in the comments for our big boy. Even better is that he suddenly was able to anticipate the need to pee and hold it until he got to the potty. Special thanks to Grandpa (with credit to Great Grandmom) for suggesting the no pants technique.

Also, we discovered that the reason he runs around like a demented chimp in the evening is because he's bored. If you actually play a game or do a puzzle with him, he calms down. I know, I know, we are geniuses for figuring this out. No need to praise us. But last night I wasn't feeling my best, and Christine was feeding Coraline, so Aizay was jumping about like a crackhead lemur. Finally, he got yelled at, so he slouched away, moaning, "I'm sad. No one will talk to me, and I'm frustrated and mad..." Then he sang a long dirge about being sad and frustrated and ignored. I'm serious. It was heartbreaking...and kinda cute, 'cause it made no sense.


Marjorie said...

Totally adorable!!!!!!!

Do we get a pic??? :P

Danielle said...

Very cute story!