Saturday, March 01, 2008

Well that's great.

This poor little boy (and his dad) are locked out of their car at Menards. Now, there are worse places to be locked out at. but at some point they'll need help. The problem is that mommy isn't answering her phone. So here's hoping that she looks at the blog. Or checks her voicemail.


stine said...

Dave and Aizay are fine. They were rescued by Dave's 7 year wedding anniversary present-Toyota Roadside assistance.

MJ said...

You got him a new Toyota or a Handy- Lock-Out-Plan for your anniversary?


PS Aizay is looking sooooo cute!!

Dave said...

Both, really. Well, the Toyota was an "anniversary gift" only in the sense that it was purchased around our anniversary, since our other anniversary gift was a collision with a drunk driver. The Roadside Assistance was an add-on at the time of purchase.

Marj said...

Gee, I am usually pretty good about keeping up with the blog. But somehow I missed this. Your Honda?? Arrgh! I miss one day of your blog and ya havta go and get into an accident!

But I am glad everyone is fine and the guy got arrested. And you got a new car (even if its not a Honda, Toyota is good too).