Sunday, June 01, 2008

I can put my foot on the wall.

Aizay has been so accepting and loving with Coraline. One morning, he asked me to sit Coraline up in her crib because "I want to see my beautiful girl." He accepted us taking pictures and videos of her because he thinks she is super cute and deserves it. Until this day. Coraline can now crawl at mach 1 and we were attempting to take videos and pictures. However, Aizay kept jumping in front of her and disrupting the shoot. He is also engaging in other attention seeking behavior: telling me he has a sore throat and asking for medicine (Dave thinks he may actually be sick but I am not falling for it). He is a little more whiny than normal.

So here, he chose to pose for the world with his foot on the wall. Enjoy.

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