Friday, October 10, 2008

Courtney is Coraline's friend.

Today I was rushed when picking up Coraline and Aizay at Little Angels. I grabbed Aizay, ran over to the infant room, elbowed my way past the moms, got the diaper bag, picked up my girl and left.

As I got to the car, I put down the diaper bag...and finally noticed that somewhere in there I'd been given a pink bag with Coraline's name on it and some gifts.

In the bag was a card from Courtney, Coraline's favorite teacher. Suffice to say that it just about made us cry. Me especially because I'd been so rushed and never said thanks or even noticed! What a tool. My only hope is that she reads this over the weekend. Thank you, Courtney. You rock.
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Courtsee87 said...

Awww!! You really shouldn't feel like a tool- I honestly didn't think twice about it. Plus I'm the silly one writing cards with long notes for a one year old who can't read!!!! I figured if we go off of the precedent Aizay set, Coraline will be buzzing through novels by Spring (just kidding, but really your kids are sooo smart). Thank you for the blog entry- I feel kind of famous!

I'll see you soon,