Monday, July 13, 2009

Coraline at the hospital

Aizay was worried about Coraline... Coraline was pretty happy the whole time (but tired).
The crib was so uncomfortable that she preferred the floor.
And the room was filthy...
There was a stack of about 12 washcloths on a shelf in the room. My children had a ball pretending they were cleaning and ended up using the whole pile.

Update: Coraline is still croupy and she has a little gunk in her lungs. She has partially lost her voice. She is whispering a lot. She is back at daycare today. Apparently she has a relatively narrow trachea (still WNL, just on that end of the spectrum). I have now caught whatever bug Coraline has but because my trachea is not so narrow, I can breathe okay. I just feel like dung...

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