Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Aizay learns a new word!

First a little background: Aizay calls me a scientist but is also confused that I work in a hospital and see "patients". Most of them are actually "research patients"...Yesterday, I told Aizay that because of the blizzard "my patients cancelled". He said worriedly, "Aren't they sick?" "No, they are not sick, they are deaf. They come to see me so I can learn more about how their ears work." My response was followed by much distress and anxiety. I thought he just didn't understand. Again I said something like "my patients are deaf, not sick".

"But they're death?"

Apparently Aizay thought that my patients would experience death if I didn't see them. Or perhaps he thought our research project studies how zombies hear...

I did finally get Aizay to understand what deaf means. I told him that deaf people have ears that don't work the way ours do and that they can hear very little or not at all.


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