Sunday, June 27, 2010

A lesson for the workplace from 2 kids under 6

Aizay spends 10 minutes setting up a 3 dimensional cardboard gameboard. He goes to the bathroom. Coraline comes into the room singing stomping and dancing. She marches right over the gameboard, flattening it. She runs off to the bathroom.

Coraline: Aizay, I knocked your game.

Aizay comes back into the room with Coraline. He silently stares at the game pieces.

Coraline: I broke it
Aizay: No, Coraline, it's not broken. We can put it back together.
Coraline: I'll help you.
Aizay: OK.

In the workworld, Aizay would have been rebuked for leaving his project unsupervised, Coraline would not have taken responsibility for her actions, a committee would be put in place to review the incident and ultimately, one or both parties would be reassigned so that they don't have to work together again.


zizz said...

Where on earth did you're kids come from? In my house growing up, there would have been a fight, followed by blood, followed by spending the afternoon in our rooms, with tears flowing and looking out the window at all the other kids in the neighborhood playing.

Neil McGee said...

Yeah, Dave, we do seem to outgrow this kind of unconditionality when we become "fully socialized" and join the groups that make up our working world. The trick seems to be to learn to be able to re-capture that unconditionality once again in our adult lives and continue to grow into the beautiful human beings we were born to be. Your kids are so awesome! You are too!